SSL Brunei - 1983/1984
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This is Mark Wilson who became a good friend of both myself and my wife. He worked for Geodetic over-seeing the seismic surveying for Shell. Unfortunately Mark was killed in a chopper accident some time later. Very sad - he was one of the good guys.

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The Belait River ferry.

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Left: Storms destroy the Kuala Belait sea defences.
Right: Flushing outside the SSL staff house.

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Christmas 1983.
Left: (L to R) Peter Darrah, Myself (Phil Smart), Keith Palmer, Jim Keggin, Jim Plaice.
Right: (L to R) Graham Acheson (stood), Jim Plaice, Paddy Doogan, Peter Darrah.

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Left: (L to R) Jim Keggin, Paddy Doogan, Alex Cameron and Jim Plaice.
Right: (L to R) Keith Palmer and Jim Keggin.

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